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EO Staff is a virtual assistant agency catering exclusively to time-pressed entrepreneurs, executives, and high-performers. Our virtual assistants, all equipped with 4-year college degrees (many with master’s) and a minimum of 5 years supporting C-level executives, guarantee impeccable English skills without discernible accents.

Our package-based programs come with no long-term commitments and include a talent replacement guarantee. Join the ranks of professionals prioritizing their core tasks by leveraging the efficiency of our virtual teams.

Identifying tasks for delegation, selecting the right team members, establishing clear expectations.

Pinpointing inefficiencies, this powerful tool helps streamline your operations and boost focus.

Are you struggling to manage your tasks? This FREE guide introduces the Getting Things Done (GTD) method.

Learn how to instantly generate your SOPs in one click using Loom’s AI feature in this comprehensive guide.

With time management strategies that can transform both your personal and professional life

Feeling overwhelmed by email?  This FREE guide provides a step-by-step process for creating multiple inboxes