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Our mission is to make the lives of business leaders
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About EO Staff

EO Staff is a remote staffing agency dedicated to providing busy entrepreneurs, executives, and other high-performing individuals with the support they need to perform at the highest levels.

All our remote staff have 4-year college degrees (most have masters) and a minimum of 5 years experience as an assistant to a C-level executive. We require impeccable English skills (verbal and written) and most have virtually no accent. We provide package-based programs, with no long-term commitments as well as a talent replacement guarantee.

EO Staff

Ditch the Deskwork, Dive Into Growth!

Our remote staff are here to simplify your business tasks, so you can focus on what you do best and make your business grow.

Why You Should Work with Us?


At EO Staff, our mission is to transform lives by connecting business leaders with top Filipino remote professionals. We are dedicated to creating a thriving work environment for our employees and empowering Filipino talent for success in the global marketplace.


Empowering organizations with unparalleled remote workforce solutions, EO Staff envisions a future where businesses seamlessly navigate the global talent landscape. We aspire to be the catalyst for innovation, fostering a borderless professional ecosystem where talent knows no boundaries.

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Join the thousands of professionals who have discovered the power of starting their remote teams and spending time on the things that matter most to you.

Chris Kille, the driving force behind EO Staff, is a seasoned entrepreneur renowned for conquering diverse industries. 

Chris is also a Forbes Business Council Member and an Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor.

As the Founder of EO Staff

With over two decades of expertise, he brings a unique perspective to successful businesses, tapping into the brilliance of some of the world’s brightest minds. Currently leading EO Staff in vibrant Frisco, Texas, Chris empowers organizations with cutting-edge B2B solutions, from premium talent Remote Staff to advanced Payment Processing technologies, fostering streamlined operations and enhanced profitability.

Chris’s leadership extends beyond conventional bounds. Simultaneously helming Payment Pilot, a fintech company specializing in payment processing for home services, he showcases unparalleled proficiency. His entrepreneurial journey, spanning technology, finance, collections, transportation, and animal care, reflects an unwavering commitment to innovation. Inspired by a family legacy of entrepreneurship, Chris’s decision to venture out on his own after various job experiences marked the pinnacle of his career. With a mission to optimize processes, scale capabilities, and maximize profits, Chris invites entrepreneurs and investors to connect. Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit that thrives on captivating challenges, he remains dedicated to turning visions into reality and shaping the future of business.

We’d Love to Work with You!

Focus on what matters in your business and have better work-life balance when you DELEGATE TASKS.


We’re dedicated to providing you with the resources and expertise to build a successful remote team, driven by our commitment to top-tier talent acquisition.

Chief of Staff
Head of Marketing
Account Manager

Meet Our Team Members

Our diverse and talented team will help you get the excellent fit for your business

Content Writer
Marketing Assistant
Recruitment Administrator
Lead Generation Specialist
Lead Generation Specialist
Carl Jim
Creatives, Video Editor
Creatives, Video Editor
Darien Ace
Creatives, Video Editor
Website Specialist
Recruitment Admin Assistant
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