Delegate Time-Consuming Tasks To Your Virtual Assistant.

Custom Recruitment to your specs

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Shifts during your hours

No hidden costs or restrictive contracts

More Growth for Less Cost

Here’s how we do it:


Meet Our Team

Meet with our awesome team to uncover the exact type of virtual assistant will work best in your business


Sit Back, and Let Us Handle the Hard Stuff

Our highly-experienced recruitment team does all the hard work for you, and will only present candidates that are an excellent fit for you.


Delegate and Scale with Confidence

We’ll provide you with ample support and resources to kickstart your success with your new virtual assistant. 

Our 7 Steps to Building Your Premium Virtual Assistant Workforce

Kickoff Meeting

Through in-depth discussions, we uncover your needs, company culture, and dream candidate profile to craft a targeted search.

Pre-Screening of Applicants

We meticulously filter through resumes to identify skilled and qualified candidates who align with your requirements.

Candidate Presentation / Endorsement

Top performers are presented to you, with detailed insights into their strengths and how they can benefit your team.

Client Interview

In-depth interviews with shortlisted candidates to assess their technical experience, personality fit, and suitability for your specific needs.

Job Offer & Acceptance

We navigate the offer process to secure your ideal virtual assistant, ensuring a smooth transition.

Employee Onboarding and Official Handover to Client

We provide your new virtual assistant with the training and resources they need to succeed, facilitating a confident handover to your team.

Client & Virtual Assistant check-ins

We maintain open communication through regular check-ins with you and your virtual assistant, ensuring a smooth working relationship and top performance.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is like pushing the EASY button!

We understand the challenges that business leaders face in the modern, fast-paced business landscape. If you find yourself tired of being weighed down in “the grind” day in and day out, hiring a Virtual Assistant could be your way out of the weeds and into the life you deserve!

Not sure how you’ll utilize your Virtual Assistant?

Here’s where we help you move the needle!


Who We Serve?

Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Small business owners know more than anyone that time is precious, but the catch 22 is that hiring is hard, and sometimes not in the budget for the skills you need. At EO Staff, we free you up to focus on the strategic aspects of your business that fuel your passion and drive growth, all while achieving a healthy work-life balance.

National Franchises and Enterprise Organizations

Larger organizations benefit from EO Staff too! Having a relationship with us is a great asset to provide value to your franchisees and members. Imagine the positive reaction you’ll get when they have access to advanced talent whenever they need it!

What Our Successful Clients Say About Us:

Carson Porter

“…the thing I like the most about EO Staff is they make it really easy for me to be super excellent to my virtual assistant, regardless of what part of the world they’re in. They get treated right above and beyond any measure that they’ve ever been treated before. And it just means the absolute world to me. That’s why I’m EO Staff for life.“

Mike Claudio

“…So we worked with Chris at EO Staff to get a virtual assistant in place to help us with editing specific content. Overall, the process went very smoothly. We got somebody on, we’ve been able to train them to have that person consistently and really get them somewhere that we can put out the amount of volume from a content perspective without completely overwhelming my team.”

Byron Wolfe

“Like I truly don’t know how we’d run our business without her (Ish, their VA from EO Staff). She has been exceptional. And I like, I’m so blessed to have her in our lives and have her in our business. She has changed everything for us.”

Dr. Alex Spinosa

“Their company (EO Staff) went through hundreds of applicants and dozens of interviews to find me the best personal virtual assistant that they could find.”

Pia Silva

“They (EO Staff) went through a really extensive process to find somebody that would suit our company and the kinds of qualities that we were looking for. And I’m so excited to say that they found us somebody who is like a dream person for this position”

Paul Bowen

“EO Staff (Elevate Outsourcing) was amazing to work with on the front end, just finding the right candidate for us with all of their testing and qualifying on the front end, setting up the interviews and doing everything to help out with the onboarding and everything along those lines. So I couldn’t be any happier.”

No matter what industry you're in, EO Staff can provide customized virtual assistants for your specific needs

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