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Struggling to balance multiple roles and bogged down by back-office tasks in the life insurance sector?



Are you ready to make the right move? Regular Onboarding Rate is $2000.* Connect with EO Staff today and schedule a Discovery Call today!

Why not make things easier?

EO Staff understands the multifaceted challenges that Operations Managers face in maintaining operational excellence. If the constant juggling of operational tasks is impeding your ability to focus on strategic aspects of management, consider our remote Operations Manager services.

About EO Staff

Remote Staffing for business leaders is a strategic and flexible workforce model that leverages technology to unlock global talent, achieve cost savings, and promote a positive and productive work environment. Gain access to a diverse talent pool and redefine the way you work.

Optimize Your Business

The EO Staff Advantage in Remote Staffing

Security and Confidentiality

Rest easy knowing that EO Staff prioritizes the security and confidentiality of your projects.

Seamless Customer Support

Experience ongoing support and open communication throughout the entire remote staffing journey, ensuring a collaborative and productive partnership.

EO Staff

Premium Talent

Our exceptional talents are meticulously handpicked, each having a minimum of 5 years of experience as executive assistants to C-level executives and all possess a minimum 4-year college degree.

Customized Solutions

Receive personalized remote staffing solutions tailored to your business goals and requirements.

Featured In:

The Man Behind EO Staff

Meet Chris Kille, a dynamic force in entrepreneurship and business strategy. With a reputation for success, Chris has conquered multiple industries, leaving a trail of accomplishments in his wake. Over his two-decade journey, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience, making him a seasoned expert in his field.

Based in the vibrant city of Frisco, TX, Chris currently leads two cutting-edge B2B companies namely EO Staff (formerly known as Elevate Outsourcing) and Payment Pilot. These ventures provide efficient solutions to help businesses unlock their full potential. From top-tier Remote Employees to advanced Payment Processing technologies, Chris empowers organizations to streamline operations, scale their capabilities, and ultimately boost their profitability.

Discover how Chris Kille and his team can transform your business by delegating your never-ending to-do list to top-notch remote employees . Take action today and unlock the potential for transformative growth.

Hire premium talent today with EO Staff!

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